Office Disinfection

Get your office disinfected! Do a one-time disinfecting before opening-up your office or have a regular disinfecting on a weekly basis to help keep your workplace self. This will minimize the risk to employees and will also allow you to increase the number of people you can staff at your office.

We still highly recommend for employees to adhere to social distancing measures and wear face masks because person-to-person contact is still what poses the highest risk of infection.

Our disinfecting process is safe for most electronics, and we’re very cautious around any sensitive electronic/manufacturing equipment.

How We Work

We have a two-step process, first going over with a CDC approved disinfectant, and then going over with professional steam disinfecting equipment that heats up to 315°F. Utilizing both methods ensures that all bacteria are removed from all surfaces.

We help keep your workplace safe by disinfecting all high-touch surfaces, namely:

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