Hey, Silicon Valley!
We’ve taught cars to drive themselves.
We’ve fit all of human knowledge in your pocket.
We’ve even sent a roadster to Mars.
It’s time to face the biggest challenge ever.

Clean the Dirt from Under Your Feet


No chemicals. No runoffs. No wastewater. 100% EPA Compliant Process.


You order online or by phone. We clean the next day, at your convenience. You enjoy the result. That’s it.


No need for estimates. Our prices are fixed and budget-friendly. Just pick your package and buy it.

What We Do

SLON for Home

Now serving Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Menlo Park, Los Altos, Mountain View, Campbell, Redwood City.

SLON for Business

Now serving Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, Cupertino, Menlo Park, Los Altos, Mountain View, Campbell, Redwood City.

How We Work

What Customers Say

"My backyard looks like new today; We are doing barbecue much more often now"

Mark, Sunnyvale

"It was like night and day. We had a dark and dirty driveway before, but it looked nice and clean after."

Natasha, Sunnyvale

"After the Slon cleaning I don't recognize my backyard – I've never seen it so clean!"

Anton, Sunnyvale

"The Slon team not only washed all the dirt off, but also collected all the wastewater and dirt"

Elena, Santa Clara

"The best part, there are no chemicals used and no wastewater going into your neighborhood creek"

George, Cupertino

Questions and Answers

How is this different from just washing it myself?
We don't just spray all the dirt off into the corners, we take it all with us. Our tech is much more effective than any ordinary pressure washing.
How does it work?
We're using hot water (230°F) under high pressure (3500 PSI) with a vacuum reclaim system. Using this, our crew achieves amazing results along with complying to local environmental standards.
How long does the process take?
We'll clean within two hours as long as there is nothing limiting us on-site.
How should I prepare before the cleaning?
There shouldn’t be any cars on the driveway or anything that would interfere with our cleaning.
Do I have to be there?
It’s up to you - but we definitely encourage you to come enjoy the cool tech and cleaning process.
What if it rains?
Is there a hurricane warning in the news? If not, we're in business.
Do I need to provide a source of water?
We bring our own clean water and collect all wastewater, but it would be great if we could also fill up on clean water at your home.
Am I allowed to take photos/videos?
Absolutely! We encourage it.